Greater pleasure by using lubricant

Many people see lubricant as a real mood killer, just like a condom. It is even still a bit taboo in the bedroom. Which we think is a real shame. Believe us, it really can be a miracle cure. Read here why lube can improve your sex life.

Why should you use lube?

Do you watch a lot of films and are still a virgin? If so, don’t miss out on getting women aroused in the first place, let alone getting them wet enough to penetrate straight away. In the movies, it’s all very easy and fast, but that’s not usually the case in real life. Everything takes time, including getting a woman wet. If the woman does not get moist, it is not a sign that she is not in the mood or horny. She may just need some lubricant! Sex or masturbation will usually go a lot smoother with a bit of lubricant. This also prevents pain and irritation. Did you know that lubricant is actually so much more than an aid to penetration?

It makes sex nicer, more enjoyable, more relaxing and easier. 4 advantages in 1 blow! You can also use it perfectly during foreplay. You can rub the penis with sensual movements. Without a doubt, this will make the penis even harder and your partner even hornier. What can also be very exciting is to teasingly drop drops of lubricant on the vagina and clitoris. Foreplay will never have been so much fun!

Which lubricant to choose?

There is a very varied range of lubricants. You can divide the range into the following 3 categories.

Oil-based lubricants

Our only advice for this kind of lubricant: throw it away as far as possible and preferably in the waste bin! This type of lubricant is also hardly ever sold and with good reason. The condom can tear much more easily in the first place. In addition, the chance of vaginal infections and irritations is much greater. Finally, it causes a lot of stains in your bedding and clothes. So if you have one in the house, say goodbye to this lubricant.

Silicon-based lubricant

This is entirely suitable for making sex go more smoothly. You can use it with or without a condom and the advantage is that the lubricant dries out less quickly than the water-based one. Why? Because the skin does not absorb the silicone-based lubricant. So it means you need less and your bottle lasts longer! A real win-win situation.

Please note: This kind of lubricant cannot be brought into contact with every kind of toy. For example, silicone toys can be damaged when they come into contact with this type of lubricant. It is, however, suitable for sex toys made of plastic, metal or glass.

Water-based lubricant

Just like silicone-based lubricant, you can use it during sex with or without a condom. The biggest advantage of this lubricant is that you can use it with any sex toy. There are even some delicious flavours of this. But of course, there is also a disadvantage to water-based lubricants. The skin absorbs it much quicker than that of silicone-based lubricants, so it dries out faster and you will need more lubricant.

Have you tried lubricants and what do you prefer?

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