From vibrators to cock rings, which sex toy do you choose?

To spice things up, you might want to try out a sex toy. But you have no idea where to start? Choosing from a variety of sex toys can sometimes be a bit tricky. Together with you, we go through some sex toys that can give your sex life a serious boost. Are you a beginner? Then you can also find 3 tips for beginners.

Sex toys: the different kinds and sizes


Most people know a vibrator, because it’s the most popular sex toy. If you choose for a vibrator, you have to know that you have many variants like the Finger vibrator, Rabbit vibrator, G-spot vibrator, but also the Wand vibrator.

Finger vibrator

With a finger vibrator you have a kind of pillow on your finger which stimulates your clitoris in different speeds.

Rabbit vibrator

The Rabbit vibrator looks like a bunny and stimulates both vaginal and clitoral.

G-spot vibrator

As the name says, this vibrator stimulates the G-spot. This sex toy has a curved top so it can better touch the G-spot.

Wand vibrator

The Wand vibrator is not only a vibrator but can also be used as a massage tool. It looks like a round ball on a straight handle. Please note that only the round ball vibrates. It is available in different sizes with different settings.

Vibrating egg

The vibrating egg usually comes with a remote control. The idea is that you insert the egg after which you can make it vibrate with a remote control. The egg also has a variety of vibration modes.

TIP: Give the remote control to your partner. Believe us, this will create a lot of extra tension!


This is a sex toy especially for men. The cockring can provide a firmer erection that lasts longer. It is available in different variants and you even have some that are made to give pleasure to both the man and the woman. Then we talk about the vibrating cock ring.

3 tips if you want to start using a sex toy

Start with small sex toys

If you are a beginner, it is better to take an ‘entry-level’ model. Don’t go for the biggest toy you can find. In the beginning, it is important to experiment as much as possible and discover what you like.

Types of stimulation

Did you know that you can use a sex toy to stimulate different sweet spots: clitoral, the g-spot, internal or anal? 70% of women only come by stimulating the clitoris. Is that also the way you come? Then it’s best to choose a vibrator or another sex toy that focuses on that.

TIP: Lipstick vibrator

This vibrator is very small and discreet. Perfect for a beginner to try. Vibrating sensations are something completely different from manual sensations from your partners or your hand. Many women like vibrators better and come faster by using one. Do you know why? Because the clitoris gets more stimulation which leads to a better and faster orgasm.

Keep your sex toys clean!

If you use sex toys then of course you need to keep them clean, so that no bacteria or fungi can get into the genitals. Some have a strange shape and then it can be difficult to keep them clean.

  • Not waterproof? Rinse it carefully with some water.
  • If your sex toy is made of plastic, silicone, elastomer, metal or glass, you can easily keep it clean with non-irritating soap and water.
  • Some toys can even be put in the dishwasher, especially those made of plastic, but pay attention to the temperature.
  • There are also special toy cleaners. If you use one, it will have a protective layer around it so it will last even longer! Usually it comes in a spray that you have to let soak in for a few minutes and then rinse off with water.

Now you’re all set to buy your first sex toy! But don’t have a clue where to buy one? Take a look at our website and discover the wide range of sex toys.

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