Give your loved one an erotic gift

Your partner’s birthday or your anniversary is coming up, but you still don’t have a present… Do you have no idea what to give or are you looking for something to boost your sex life? In this article you will definitely find inspiration!

1. A kamasutra book


Tired of doing the same position over and over again? A kamasutra book can certainly help you with that. Give it as an erotic gift to your partner and give her a little push to get out of her comfort zone. In this book you will find different sex positions. Think of it as a playful way to let your imagination run wild and try new things. Who knows, there might be some positions that will make you both feel incredible.

2. A tickler with blindfold

If you prefer a cheap erotic gift, this will be for you. A tickler and a blindfold usually cost no more than 15 euros. So you can get rid of it easily and it can be an exciting erotic gift. With the tickler and the blindfold, you will evoke tension in your partner. Because your lover cannot see anything, she can only concentrate on the touches. Perfect for an exciting foreplay and an exciting evening.

3. Romantic and sexy massage

Surprise your partner with a massage in a room where candles are burning and quiet music is playing in the background. Don’t forget the massage oil! A massage is the ideal way to spoil her from head to toe. This doesn’t have to be romantic, you can also make it more sexy by sitting on her or taking off your T-shirt. Let yourself go completely as this might be the start of a very intimate evening.

4. Vibrator

Give your woman extra pleasure with this erotic gift. Start the evening by spoiling her with a glass of bubbly and then give her the erotic gift. Invite her to the bedroom and suggest she try the vibrator right away. We recommend that you take the lead by giving the toy to her. You can also choose to operate the sex toy yourself and let her enjoy it. Who knows, she might like that even more. 

5. Exciting, romantic and erotic gift package

Is your relationship not exciting enough anymore? This box could be the solution. Give this sexy gift pack and discover together what it contains. In this way, you can create an intimate moment together in which you can test out new toys and accessories in the bedroom.

6. Sexy lingerie

Just like the vibrator, this can also be the start of an unforgettable evening. Admit it, what woman doesn’t love new sexy lingerie!

7. Weekend break

If you don’t want to look at the money, book a city trip and forget all your worries. This can be fun not only for your relationship but also for your sex life. You have a different bed, different surroundings and that creates a different atmosphere than at home. Usually, this can bring you closer to each other again.

Is the right gift not listed here for you? Then feel free to browse our website for inspiration. Maybe a butt plug is a nice birthday present?

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