What is a butt plug and how do you plug it in?


What is it exactly, a butt plug? For many people it is child’s play, but others don’t know what to do with it at all. In this article you will find an answer to all your questions.

What is a butt plug?

A butt plug is a sex toy that is inserted anally for sexual stimulation. You can use it to give your sex just that little bit of extra pleasure and a boost to your sex life. People use it because the anus has a lot of sensitive nerve endings that can feel great to stimulate.

Do you want to buy it? Look for a ring or a foot on the end. This will act as a stopper, so you don’t have to worry about the plug shooting in. Usually the insertion part has the shape of a teardrop or finger.

TIP: Choose a silicone butt plug if you want it to feel soft! Do you want a harder material? Then choose a plug made of metal or glass but never of TPR. The quality is considerably worse. The advantage of choosing silicone is that it is less prone to cracking and it doesn’t smell as bad as TPR.

Is it meant for women or men?

You might wonder whether a butt plug is actually used by a man or a woman. In general, the butt plug is very popular among homosexuals and heterosexuals. That means that both men and women use it. So if you have a butthole then you can use a butt plug.

How to use a it? 

Do you find it difficult to insert a butt plug? Practice on your own first so you can get used to the sensation. Start with lube and we mean a lot of lubricant. Apply it on the butt plug until it is smooth. Apply enough around the anus as well. Did you know that there is special lubricant for anal sex? It is a bit thicker than normal lubricant.

If you are a beginner, you should know that anal sex requires a little more preparation than normal sex. Start with your finger and don’t try to insert the butt plug right away. This will only cause you a lot of pain. By using your finger first, you can get used to the feeling and make some room. Also lie down in a position that is most comfortable for you. Some people like to put a pillow under their buttocks because this position can give a relaxing feeling. The key is to relax. The more you relax, the easier it will be. Remember that if it hurts you should stop immediately because it has to be fun. Don’t force anything and keep using lots of lubricant. Is it not working today? Don’t give up and keep trying.

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